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Orders per month
Up to 500

Up to 1,000

Up to 5,000

Up to 50,000
Packing Fees





Pick 2-6 items $0.85$0.75$0.65$0.55
Pick 7+ items $0.25$0.23$0.19$0.15
Receiving itemsAlways free
Additional Features
Promotional items $0.25$0.25$0.25$0.25
Serial number collection $0.50$0.45$0.40$0.35
Product Barcoding $0.10/item
Returns Same cost as outbound orders

Plus packaging. Plus postage.

Additional Information

Storage Costs

$0.45/cubic foot per month,
with a $25/monthly minimum.

How storage fees are calculated

Receiving & Returns

We do not charge a fee for receiving or sorting your goods for storage in our facility. Returns are calculated the same as outbound orders.

Sending Whiplash your Inventory


We’ve got facilities across the US. Currently Ann Arbor and San Francisco with a new location in London, UK. We’ll soon be expanding our markets.


We ship thousands of packages a day. Leverage this volume to negotiate the best rates with our carriers. We ship with USPS, UPS, DHLExpress, RoyalMail, FedEx, ParcelForce, DPDUK, UPSSurePost, Asendia, CanadaPost, and FedExSmartPost